Sports Massage

Unlike most massages, this type of massage was not meant to be relaxing but rather to have a uniquely therapeutic strand.
The sports massage is great for preparing and recovering the muscles of those who practice physical exercise. This technique is suitable for both amateurs and professionals and can be done in pre and post competition.

This massage leads to decreased injuries and improved workout consistency.
It is also beneficial to:

. Improved blood circulation and improved joint mobility
. Reduction of fatigue
. Promoting healing of acute injuries
. Prevention of muscle injuries and tendons
. Increase confidence
. Mental Serenity

Massage with Hot Stones

Indicated to relax the musculature, relieve pain and bring well-being. Hot stone massage is an integration between massage therapy and thermotherapy (heat therapy). The stones used in this massage have very specific characteristics.

Hot stone massage is an ancient therapy, used by the Chinese, Buddhist and indigenous monks in their sacred and healing rituals. The application of the stone of adequate size and shape, with the correct pressure and manipulation by the therapist, provides the beneficial effects of this massage, triggering its therapeutic action.

Hot stone massage is a technique that involves all senses, as it is applied with heated and flavored oil, usually with lavender, geranium or a blend of oils. The stone is heated, the massage is manual and the whole assembly induces the customer to a faster delivery to the procedure

A massagem com pedras quentes é uma técnica que envolve todos os sentidos, pois ela é aplicada com óleo aquecido e aromatizado, normalmente com lavanda, gerânio ou um blend de óleos. A pedra é aquecida, a massagem é manual e todo o conjunto induzem o cliente a uma entrega mais rápida ao procedimento


Massage with Bamboo

Originated in Japan, developed and known as it is today in France by physiotherapist Gill Amsalelem. The bamboo massage was brought in and adapted to the West. Also known as massage of sensations, associates shiatsu techniques, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, because of the latter became of great interest for women as it helps in the fight against cellulite and localized fat. thus, besides being a corporal massage and very good to work the body and the mind being possible to harmonize the individual.

Massage Relax

Relaxing massage is a technique with lighter touches to stimulate the production of hormones responsible for relaxation. The main hormone is oxytocin, which reduces stress, fights fear and improves relationships. Relaxing massage also lowers blood pressure, improves the digestive system and increases tolerance to pain. This technique is a great alternative for people who are struggling or feel distressed. It is very suitable for those who have problems of insomnia or wake up feeling tired.
Hot oils and techniques are used that aim to promote improved blood circulation, remove toxic substances, relieve stress and restore the psycho-emotional, physiological and energetic area of each individual.

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