Shizen Massage

The Shizen massage is a massage of total ecstasy, where it incorporates two techniques, the sensitive + lingan or sensitive + yoni massage. The massage is built based on the 3 steps taught by Wilhelm Reich (Physician, Psychoanalyst and Natural Scientist). The massage takes place in a specially prepared environment with an aromatic jacuzzi bath of 30 minutes of relaxation, followed by a sensitive massage of 40 minutes and finally, it follows of 20 minutes of yoni or lingam massage, that culminates with a total explosive feeling. Then you spend a few minutes integrating everything you’ve felt.

Tantric massage

An ancient massage, from India, performed with slow, soft and subtle touches throughout the body. The Tantric massage will take you to a fantastic and unique sensory journey, providing moments of intense pleasure and relaxation. This massage will provide you with general well-being, on a physical, mental and emotional level, as well as, total relaxation. Tantric massage has benefits, among others, greater body knowledge and body self-awareness. It promotes self-esteem and self-confidence, helps delay orgasm and can give you the experience of so-called “dry orgasm”, greater ejaculatory control and a greater connection to your Self. It recalls affections, helps unlock possible traumas and blockages energy in a moment of intimacy with the body. The massage ends with the Lingam or Yoni massage.

Tantric Massage Couple

The Tantric Massage is a massage modality that aims to redistribute the sexual energies of the body, expanding the sensitivity and provide more intense experiences.
The couple massage takes place in a specially prepared environment with aromatic jacuzzi bath. In this massage the couple will go through several stages that will provide different experiences and discover new sensations. According to Lourdes Pedretti Anahata Devi, Speech Therapist and Tantric Therapist, the Tantric massage goal is not to relax the muscles, but to stimulate sensory channels of the whole body to arouse bioelectricity, sensoriality and distribute energy.
A massage with slow, soft and intense touches all over the body, creating and providing a very deep relaxation, a better self-knowledge body, promoting the affections and increasing the intimacy between the couple.

Massage Perineum

The purpose of this massage is to release accumulated tensions and offer moments of pleasure with your own body and mental relaxation. It is a Taoist and Tantra Sexual Reflexology procedure, and it helps to discover the sexual limits of the body, helps to improve the quality of the erection, helps ejaculatory control, prevents various diseases, improves sexual health and disposition, and promotes orgasm expansion and body awareness.

It begins with a gentle and slow massage throughout the body, creating a sensation of relaxation to later locate in the region of the lumbar and pelvic area, in order to release any tensions. A massage is performed on the external anal region, helping to relax the anus, perineum and first sphincter. Later a prostate massage will be performed, using finger stimulation. A massage located in the anal and perineal region.
A massage that will give you greater body self-awareness, more sensitivity, and that will help you to unlock any traumas or existing blockages.

Yoni Massage

The Yoni massage starts with deep touches, with the aim of releasing tension from the pelvis, thighs and abdomen, and activating the energy circulation of healing.

This massage acts in the process of fluid drainage and humidification of the vagina, through alternating touches on the pelvis, groin, vulva, external and internal lips and the perineum region.
All these stimuli potentiate the energy that expands through the meridians of force upward to the 7th Chakra – Crown Chakra – located at the top of the head.

The main benefits of this massage are the aid in the difficulty in achieving orgasms, the lack of lubrication and the awakening of the full potential of the so-called G-spot. The Yoni Massage provides the experience of multiple orgasms, increases the sensitivity of the body, helps to unlock eventual psychological and emotional trauma and awakens dormant sensory regions.

Massage Lingan

The objective of the Lingam Massage is to reeducate the body so that it enters a new process of healing and transformation, with this work we seek that the person has dry orgasms, showing that his whole body is orgasmic, blurring ejaculation and going far beyond what he has already knows. With Lingam, indescribable energy discharges can occur, revealing new orgastic potentials that lead to multiple orgasms with or without ejaculation, and an extraordinary energy expansion.

This is a massage focused on the male genitals, which also involves the area of the chest and legs, giving prominence to the lingam. It tries to capture the energies of the erogenous zones of the body, creating unique sensations in the mind and body.

Body to Body Massage

It is a full body massage where the masseur uses not only the hands but the naked body to stimulate the client. This type of massage is intended to awaken the most sensitive areas, through body curves for a body massage, which results in deep well-being and satisfaction.

The body-to-body massage, considered a relaxing massage, is ideal for reducing stress levels, anxiety and subsequently relaxing the mind and muscles.

Aqua Shizen Massage

Do you want to disconnect from the world? So this is your best solution.

For 120 minutes you can enjoy a massage that has two lingam or yoni massage moments, one at the beginning and the other at the end. The Acqua Shinzen massage, stands out by our best relaxation massage, where the client relaxes all the muscles of his body. In a very sensual way the masseur using her/his whole body will do the body massage and ends with lingam or yoni massage. A massage that aims at deep relaxation, providing pleasure and complicity, given that the massage is interactive and can touch the entire body of the therapist.

To finish in the best way you will enjoy a few minutes inside the jacuzzi, in the company of the masseur who will massage you in the head while you relax.

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