Delayed ejaculation.  How Tantric Therapy Can Help You? 2

Delayed ejaculation. How Tantric Therapy Can Help You?

Apr 16, 2019 | Tantric Therapeutic

Delayed Ejaculation (ejaculatio retardata), referred to as “ejaculatory incapacity” by Masters and Johnson, can be defined as an inhibition of the ejaculatory reflex, making the ejaculatory act delayed or difficult to occur.

A man who suffers from delayed ejaculation usually responds to sexual stimuli with a firm erection, but becomes unable to ejaculate.  Although he wants orgasmic relief, even if he receives the proper stimulation to trigger the orgasmic reflex, he can not.

In its mild form, ejaculatory inhibition is associated with situations that provoke anxiety.  Many men who suffer from delayed ejaculation at the time of sex with a partner can do so more easily with manual stimulation (masturbation).

The Deva Nishok method developed in Comunna Metamorphosis provides reflex trigger recovery through the multiple dry orgasms that are experienced at each session, extending to ejaculatory orgasms.  Man begins to develop new ejaculatory skills.

We recommend that you have 6 to 10 sessions, with ratings after each session.

Called “dyspareunia”, the pain that occurs during sexual intercourse may represent a greater obstacle to sexual satisfaction for women.  In this situation, which can occur at any age, the pain may appear at the beginning of sexual intercourse, in the middle, during penetration or out of it, at the moment of orgasm or even after the relationships are over.

The pain can be burning, sharp, caustic or spasmodic;  may be external, in the vagina, or inside the pelvic region or abdomen.  The incidence of dyspareunia is unknown, but it is estimated that 15% of adult, sexually active women have experienced pain during intercourse (penetration) a few times a year.  Research shows that the number of adult women who have frequent painful intercourse is high.

Dispaurenia removes a person’s sexual pleasure and can interfere with sexual arousal and orgasm.  Fear of pain can produce anxiety, tension and totally affect the reflexes that produce excitement.  In many cases the person ends up avoiding the sexual act or abstaining from all forms of sexual contact, with implications even in the withdrawal of the relationships.

The partners of women with dyspareunia should be very understanding and sensitive to their feelings, assisting them in finding treatments that accommodate them and help them overcome the problem.

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