tantric massage in lisbon

A space designed exclusively for you

Therapeutic and Sensual Massages for Men, women and Couples

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A space designed exclusively for you

Massage therapies and sensual for men, woman and couples

come and meet our space


From 75€ | 60 minutes

Sports Massage

Unlike most massages this type of massage was not meant to be relaxing but rather to have a uniquely therapeutic aspect.

Hot Stone Massage

Indicated to relax the musculature, relieve pain and bring well being, hot stone massage is na integration between massage therapy and thermotherapy (heat therapy).

Massage with Bamboo

This massage has great effects on the client´s body, since it associates techniques of relaxing massage,modeling,lymphatic drainage,shiatsu,reflexology and still provides a face lift.

Relax Massage

Relaxing massage is a thechnique with lighter touches to stimulate the production of hormones, responsible for relaxation.

You want to spice up your relationship?

Sensitive, Tantric and relaxation, in one massage. The Body to Body massage will allow you to have deep and intense pleasure sensations. It will be the moment of rediscovery and ecstasy!

Tantric massages

Shizen massage

The shizen massage is a total ecstasy massage, where it incorporates two techniques, the sensitive + lingam or sensitive + yoni massage.

Tantric massage

Is a millenarian massage, originated from India, performed with slow, soft and subtle touches throughout the body

Tantric couple massage

Tantric massage is a massage modality that aims to redistribute the sexual energies of the body, expanding the sensitivity and providing more intense experiences.

 Yoni Massage

The yoni massage begins with deep touches, with the aim of releasing tension from the pelvis, thighs and abs, and activating the healing energy circulation.

Perineum Massage

The purpose of this massage is to release accumulated tensions and offer moments of pleasure and mental relaxation

Lingam Massage

The purpose of lingam massage is to re-educate the body so that it enters a new process of healing and information.

Body-to-Body massage

Is a full body massage where the masseur uses not only the hands but the naked body to stimulate the client.

Aqua Shizen Massage

Do you want to disconnect from the world? Só this is your best solution


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